The people of this world sang her off in the February of 2012 with “I Will Always Love You”, following the tragic loss of Whitney Houston as she passed away due to accidental drowning in a bathtub with heart failures and drug use as contributing factors. How eerie are the circumstances now that her only daughter and sole heir, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was put into a medically induced coma on the 31st of January 2015 after being found in a way almost identical to her mother’s death.

It is a trying time for the Houston and Brown family, as the Queen of Pop had divorced her R&B singer husband, Bobby Brown, in 2007 but she still retained custody of the girl. The divorce had nullified Mr Brown’s claim to the fortune that Houston left behind but even the 21-year-old heiress cannot come into full acquisition of her fortune until she is 30. There are current disputes that are surfacing in the event that Bobbi Brown does pass as she is the only heir to the departed singer’s fortune.

Nick Gordon, an unofficial ward of Whitney, has been living with them since he was 12 – and only recently did it come to light that he and Bobbi were in a relationship and even claimed to be married, to many negative views from the public and the Browns and Houstons alike. Lawyers have claimed that the pair has never been married but should the marriage be considered legitimate, Gordon stands to inherit Houston’s fortune.

Further inspection of Whitney Houston claims that if she has no child to survive her, her next heir is to be her own mother, Emily “Cissy” Houston and her son, leaving the elder Houston to possibly claim nearly $20 million in inheritance. The contents of this will are, however, subject to litigation should the Browns claim for a case. Probate litigation, following the definition found on the website of Peck Ritchey, LLC, involves the contesting of wills and further deliberation as to who will inherit the estate of the late famed singer.