Bicycles have various advantages. Compared to other modes of transportation, they cost less and require less maintenance. They also promote fitness and avoid pollution. Because of these advantages, many Americans have bicycles as their transportation method of choice, especially if their destinations are not that far. This has one negative consequence – many Americans are also at risk of bicycle accidents and injuries.
According to the website of this Fort Worth personal injury attorney at the Benton Law Firm, those who have been hurt in bicycle accidents because of somebody else may have legal options, such as getting compensation. This means that, legally, bicyclists and other motorists on the road should ensure that no bicycle accidents happen.

Before the Ride

There are some safety tips you can follow before and during the ride to minimize the risks of accidents. Before the ride, it is important to consider the following:

  • Wear the right gears – There is a reason why bicyclists you see on the road always wear helmets and pads for their elbows and knees. These are their only protection in case an accident occurs.
  • Inspect your bicycle – Bicycle defects are some of the most overlooked causes of accidents, especially those that involve bike frames, brakes, pedals, and tires. Always check for damages before riding.
  • Make sure you are visible – If you are going to a place with limited lighting, make sure that you will be visible to other motorists. You can do this by wearing reflective clothing and having functional bicycle lights.
  • Avoid impairments – Don’t consume products that may physically or mentally impair you, such as alcohol, illicit drugs, and medications.

During the Ride

  • Follow traffic rules – The most basic thing you can do is to follow traffic rules. They are implemented to ensure the safety of all kinds of people on the road, including bicyclists.
  • Be mindful of obstructions and slip hazards – Compared to other vehicles, bicycles are more vulnerable to small obstructions like traffic cones and rocks and slip hazards like leaves, because their tires are smaller and thinner, and therefore they are more likely to crash even on simple things. Watch out for these.
  • Be alert – Be alert of possible collisions, especially on intersections and turning maneuvers. Also be particularly wary of pedestrians who suddenly cross the street and vehicle doors that suddenly open.